Eryn Danielle

Brooklyn-based strategist, movement director, and founder of Oreha Global.

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Eryn Danielle

Brooklyn-based movement artist, creative strategist and human rights advocate.


Strategist, Movement Director, and founder of Oreha Global

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Eryn Danielle was introduced to the classical dance world at the age of three, training in Ballet, Graham, and Horton techniques which she studied at the Peabody Institute, Alvin Ailey School, and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. In 2014, she moved to New York to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights and Race/Ethnic Studies from Columbia University. During her time at Columbia University, she studied classical and modern dance in Paris and the history of colonization/decolonization in Mexico City, crafting a unique course of study to enhance her creative process as a movement director, human rights advocate, and strategist.

Since graduating, Eryn has continued to work independently as a movement director and creative strategist, with unique roles at Glossier, Chillhouse, Penguin Random House, The Consistency Project, and Working Families Organization. As a movement director, her work is greatly influenced by architecture, design, sculpture, and the intersections between art and progressive movements. 

Eryn currently serves as the Director of Creative Operations at Black Men Build (Working Families Organization). In the last three years, she has risen from Creative Strategist to leading the Creative Team, managing strategy, brand development, large scale project management, digital fundraising, and organizational growth for Black Men Build.

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